Monthly ICF Group Mentor Coaching Circle

Are you looking for ways to connect with other coaches who place a high value on continuous learning and skill development?

Do you plan to renew or apply for your ACC and need ICF mentor coaching?

Do you enjoy opportunities to participate in and observe coaching demos and contribute to discussions exploring the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the above, the Monthly ICF Group Mentor Coaching Circle might be a great fit for you!

On the second Tues of every month (exception: Sept 2022 will be third Tues), join us for a 2-hour group mentoring Zoom call that’s focused on supporting you in becoming the most confident coach you can be. The group will be limited to no more than six participants to facilitate greater participation and learning. Hours will count towards ICF requirements for mentor coaching for credentialing and renewal purposes (up to 7 hours of the 10 required hours can be in a group).

What to Expect

Each month’s session will highlight a particular aspect of the ICF Code of Ethics or ICF Core Competencies. You’ll have access to a session-specific worksheet in a shared Google Drive folder to facilitate session preparation, personal reflection, and learning. Approx 45-60 minutes of the monthly two-hour Zoom call features a “fishbowl” peer coaching session that includes mentoring. The remaining time is devoted to teaching and open discussion of each month’s topic.

Here’s a typical session agenda (times are approximate and structure subject to change based on feedback):

  • Greeting and Centering (10 min; often a tool or idea is shared you can use with 1:1 clients or groups)
  • Competency Overview (10-15 min; one ICF competency is introduced and explored)
  • Coaching Demo (45-60 min; in-session, live peer coaching with preparatory mentoring and debrief)
  • Competency Conversation (25 min; group discussion based on a reflection exercise offered in advance of the session)
  • Closing (remaining time; shared learning and commitments)

This is an OPEN group, meaning that participants will likely vary from month to month, depending on who registers. Over the years of doing group mentor coaching, I’ve learned that seemingly “random” groups come together exactly as they should. During the Coaching Demo time, you will either be coach (voluntarily!), client, or observer. In registering for the session(s), coaches agree to honor confidentiality, engage fully, support one another through offering encouragement and constructive feedback, and come ready to learn and stretch. Those shared agreements are the basis of creating a space of trust and safety. Coaches are also asked either to be currently enrolled in or have completed coach training.

Advance registration for all sessions is required.

Program Options & Investment

  • Single Month’s Session/Month-to-Month: $175
  • 4-Month Commitment: $650 one-time payment (gives you 8hrs of group mentoring, 7 of which can be counted towards required ICF mentor coaching hours)
  • 6-Month Commitment: $925 one-time payment (it’s like getting one month free!)
  • 1:1 Mentoring Session Add-on: $225/60-min session (can include recording review)

If you choose to make a multi-month commitment, the months don’t have to be consecutive, but they do need to be used within 12 months of the purchase date. When you enroll, your receipt will indicate when your session credits expire. You are responsible for tracking your session usage and ensuring you take advantage of the sessions you’ve purchased within the allotted time frame.

July 2022 – June 2023 Schedule & Discussion Topics

All sessions take place the second Tues of the month (except Sept 2022) via Zoom, 4-6p PT/7-9p ET

Tues, July 12, 2022: Part One: Demonstrates Ethical Practice, ICF Code of Ethics Interpretive Statements, Standards 1-14
Tues, Aug 9: Part Two: Demonstrates Ethical Practice, ICF Code of Ethics Interpretive Statements, Standards 15-28
Tues, Sept 20: The Person-Not-Problem Coach Approach
Tues, Oct 11: Embodies a Coaching Mindset
Tues, Nov 8: Part One: Establishes and Maintains Agreements
Tues, Dec 13: Part Two: Establishes and Maintains Agreements

Tues, Jan 10, 2023: Cultivates Trust and Safety
Tues, Feb 14: Maintains Presence
Tues, Mar 14: Listens Actively
Tues, Apr 11: Evokes Awareness
Tues, May 9: Facilitates Client Growth
Tues, June 13: Setting Your Clients Up for Success

Monthly session registrations must be received 48 hours before the session (4p PT/7p ET on Sunday). Since space is limited to six coaches, you are encouraged to register early to secure your spot. If you have to cancel, your registration can be transferred to a future session within the next six months (session dates post-June 2023 will be confirmed in early 2023).


If you’re ready to roll, here’s the registration form for a single month’s session and for a multiple month program. Please read the information carefully and contact Beth if you have any questions. If you’d like to learn more before registering, feel free to schedule time on my calendar for a chat.

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