1:1 ICF Mentor Coaching

If you prefer to have an individual learning experience and you have at least two active coaching clients, then 1:1 Mentor Coaching is made for you. By enrolling in my full 1:1 Mentor Coaching Program, you’ll receive 10 60-min Mentor Coaching sessions over a minimum of 3-month period (as required by ICF), plus one 30-min Bonus Completion Session. If your credential expires December 31, ICF offers a grace period through February 28, 2022 to renew your credential. If you plan to take advantage of the grace period, it’s recommended you begin the 1:1 Mentor Coaching Program by no later than November 10, 2021 to ensure plenty of time to complete the required 10 hours.

What if you don’t need 10 hours? Let’s talk! Whether you’re interested in “sharpen the saw” sessions or you need just a few more hours to meet the ICF requirements, we can work out an arrangement that suits your needs. 60-min sessions are $225 USD. Schedule time to chat with me, and we’ll see if there’s a match.

1:1 10-Hour Mentor Coaching Program Outline

Session 0
45-minute Information session to discuss the Mentor Coaching process, your overall goals, and determine fit. (Schedule Now)

Session 1:
Together we’ll review the ICF Core Competencies (CCs) and Code of Ethics. You’ll offer a self-assessment of your current application of the CCs. We’ll also discuss the credentialing process (as needed) and Mentor Coaching logistics (seeking permission to record sessions, deciding how we want to listen to the sessions together, understanding learning styles, agreeing on documentation). Finally, goals for the engagement will be established.

Sessions 2-10:
Sessions will open with personal reflection of learning and points of curiosity since the previous session. The remaining time will focus on either a joint review of a 30-min coaching session (or 30 min of a longer session) or an in-depth discussion of one or more ICF Core Competencies that you have chosen to explore. If there’s not a session to review, you will be expected to offer examples of actual and/or theoretical scenarios to use as a foundation for exploring the CCs. Sessions may also involve demonstrations, role-playing, and feedback. At least 7 of the 9 core sessions should include a recorded coaching session to review. Sessions will conclude with your commitments and next steps (could be actions that involve DOing or BEing).

Session 11:
This Bonus Completion Session (30 min) provides an opportunity to bottom-line learning, assess end-of-process application and understanding of the CCs, celebrate progress, and determine areas for future learning and growth.

1:1 Mentor Coaching Program Investment

$2,250 for 10 1:1 60-min coaching sessions + one 30-min completion session. Installment options are available.

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