Facing, Forgiving & Loving Yourself
A day-long retreat for women

You’re invited to gather with a small group of women for reflection, sharing, learning, and growth.

We’re calling the day “Facing, Forgiving & Loving Yourself,” and we’re keeping it simple: through facilitated group and solo work, we’ll take intentional time to recognize, honor, and release the stories that might be holding us back from living fully… explore what it means to embrace self-compassion… and identify what grounds us in truth and trust.

The day will include a brief study of useful information about compassion and resilience; confidential sharing circle; guided meditation/visualization; time for journaling/walking/reflection; and other simple exercises and reflection prompts.

It’s an opportunity to create generous space for yourself and find support in community. You will leave with fresh perspectives and energy for whatever journey is before you.

The ideal retreat group is 8-12 women, and the day typically goes from 10am-5pm. Cost per participant will range between $50-$75, depending on location; all materials, a simple, healthy lunch and light snacks included.

If you are interested in bringing this retreat experience to your group, please contact Beth to discuss.

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