NEW: The Seven Habits of Highly Ethical Coaches Intensive 2-Part Workshop
Full attendance earns participants 3.5 ICF Core Competency CCEUs (can be used for the required 3 Ethics CCEUs for ICF credentialing/renewal purposes), .5 ICF Resource Development CCEUs

2021 Dates:
Part 1: June 16, 9a-11a PT/12p-2p ET/5p-7p BS

Part 2: June 23, 9a-11a PT/12p-2p ET/5p-7p BS
Registration: $69

Ethics: yawn city…shouldn’t we all know, isn’t it obvious, didn’t we get past kindergarten? And yet, Beth created a cohesive, intriguing, organized, beautiful, engaging presentation which took “ethics” to a whole new, fascinating level. Video clips infused life into theory; honest testimonials fanned flames of curiosity; edgy questions triggered discomfort. This presentation makes me proud to be associated with this profession, ICF and people who make ethics a top priority – responsibly owning their actions, policing themselves, and understanding their impact on, and their interaction with, society/universe.” – International Coaching Week session participant, May 2020

“…it was the best Ethics presentation in the history of my professional development. Not exaggerating.” – ICF Gulf Region session participant, January 2021

“Demonstrates Ethical Practice” is ICF Core Competency number one for a reason: without an ethical underpinning to your work, all of the other competencies are compromised. The guidelines can seem clear-cut and unambiguous on paper, right? But you only have to have been coaching for a short time to realize that things can get a bit messy and the lines a little fuzzy out in the real world.

This highly interactive, 2-part workshop series offers an in-depth critical review of the new ICF Code of Ethics and explores the many situations that challenge our relationship to that Code. Through the presentation of video interviews with a diverse group of experienced coaches, real-life examples of ethics in action, and peer learning, you will actively engage with the content and one another to deepen your understanding of what it means to make ethical practices the foundation of your coaching work. There will also be content that brings the Code of Ethics into the present, in particular considering how systems of oppression and other societal issues intersect with our work as coaches and how we serve our clients and world.

Part 1 includes an overview of the ICF Code of Ethics and a discussion about our ethical responsibilities to ourselves and our clients.

Part 2 focuses on our ethical responsibilities to our profession and society.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a short pre-workshop survey designed to gather information that will inform some of the open discussion periods of the workshop.

Key Takeaways:

  • An enhanced understanding through critical review of the first Core Competency and how it intersects with your individual coaching practice
  • Considerations for working through common ethical dilemmas you might encounter as either an internal or external coach
  • Strategies for how to talk about the Code of Ethics with your clients and integrate the principles into your agreements and ongoing partnerships
  • Heightened awareness of the ethical questions raised when viewing coaching with a systems perspective

Thanks for bringing this topic ALIVE for us! Really great!” – ICF Heartland session participant, Aug 2020

This was one of the best presentations I have seen recently.” – International Coaching Week session participant, May 2020

“What I liked most: Connection with the audience, engagement, program flow, speaker’s facilitation style” – ICF St. Louis session participant, Oct 2020

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