2022 Leading Edge Group Mentor Coaching Program

Stay on the leading edge and keep your skills sharp with monthly group mentor coaching sessions with supportive colleagues.

Each 2-hour session will feature peer coaching with mentor and group feedback, along with meaningful, practical teaching and discussion about the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. In between monthly sessions, participants will continue their learning through topical homework assignments completed both individually and through dyads or triads (depending on the number of enrollees). Participants will share their learning during the monthly group mentor calls during the open discussion period, with time for each person or dyad/triad to offer their experiences, questions, and reflections.

Working with the new ICF Core Competency Model

The ICF introduced a new core competency model (8 competencies) in November 2019, and it became the standard beginning in January 2021; anyone renewing or applying for a credential in 2022 will be using the new competency model for their reference point for assessment purposes. The Leading Edge curriculum uses the new model as its basis. Monthly discussions enable us to fully explore the competencies and increase your confidence with the new language and assessment markers.

Program Options and Logistics

Depending on your needs and learning goals, you can opt for one of two program configurations:

GROUP ONLY: This program includes only the 12 monthly group mentor coaching sessions and lessons/homework. It’s great if you’re a coach who’s interested in learning and exchanging ideas with a group of peers; would find value in participating (as coach, client or observer) in regular “fishbowl” coaching sessions; and if you want to become more fluent in the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. If you’d like to add one or more 1:1 sessions to your program, that can be arranged through an à la carte agreement.

FULL: This program includes the 12 monthly group mentor coaching sessions plus three 1:1 mentor coaching sessions. It’s best suited to coaches who are applying for or renewing their ACC or PCC credential and are looking to meet the 10 hours of mentor coaching as outlined in the ICF credentialing requirements (see coachfederation.org/icf-credential to determine your specific requirements). If you are required to submit recordings for credential assessment, it’s possible you would benefit from additional 1:1 sessions beyond the baseline of 10 hours; those additional hours can be arranged through an à la carte agreement.

The Program as a whole is limited to 10 coaches (aspiring or renewing ACC or PCC). 

2022 sessions are held on the first Wednesday of each month, 12-2pm ET. All sessions will be conducted via Zoom utilizing audio, video, and breakout rooms.

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Each month will be focused on a particular aspect of the ICF Code of Ethics or ICF Core Competencies. You’ll have access to a session-specific worksheet in our shared Google Drive folder to facilitate session preparation, personal reflection, and learning. One hour of our monthly two-hour group calls features a “fishbowl” peer coaching session that includes mentoring. The second hour is devoted to teaching and open discussion of each month’s topic. You’re encouraged to set aside 30-60 minutes each month to complete the homework prior to that month’s group call. Selected assignments will be completed in collaboration with a dyad or triad you’ve been assigned to. Assuming group agreement, all group sessions will be recorded and made available for later personal review (note: sessions must be attended live to earn CCEU credits).

2022 Topic Schedule*

January 5: Part One: Demonstrates Ethical Practice, ICF Code of Ethics Interpretive Statements, Standards 1-14
February 2: Part Two: Demonstrates Ethical Practice, ICF Code of Ethics Interpretive Statements, Standards 15-28
March 2: Embodies a Coaching Mindset
April 6: Part One: Establishes and Maintains Agreements
May 4: Part Two: Establishes and Maintains Agreements
June 1: Cultivates Trust and Safety
July 6: Maintains Presence
August 3: Listens Actively
September 7: Evokes Awareness
October 5: The Person-Not-Problem Coach Approach
November 2: Facilitates Client Growth
December 7: The Coach-Client Partnership + Celebration

* Topic list is set; timing might change.


GROUP: Group Only (12 monthly Zoom calls) | $2,000 
FULL: Group + Three 1:1 Mentor Coaching Sessions (satisfies ICF requirement of 10 hours of mentor coaching) | $2,600
À la Carte 1:1 Mentor Coaching Sessions | $200/session (additional sessions may be recommended if you need to submit recordings to ICF for credentialing purposes)

Program participants are able to choose a mutually agreeable payment schedule/installment plan for no extra charge. You will be asked to indicate your billing preference upon enrollment.

CCEUs + Mentor Coaching Hours for ICF

Participants who attend all live sessions and complete the homework will receive the following CCEUs:

Group Only: 7 hours of Mentor Coaching + 7 Core Competency CCEUs (up to 12 additional Core Comp CCEUs potentially available pending ICF approval)

Group + 1:1: 7 hours of Group Mentor Coaching + up to 3 hours of 1:1 Mentor Coaching + 10 Core Competency CCEUs (up to 12 additional Core Comp CCEUs potentially available pending ICF approval)

Schedule time with me to learn more. Or, are you ready to go? Enroll now.

About Beth Buelow, PCC

I am a Certified Mentor Coach, having graduated from the rigorous training program offered through inviteChange in Seattle, WA. I’ve been an ICF credentialed coach since 2009, having received my initial coach training (2008-9) through inviteChange. I’ve been continuously active in ICF on the local and national level. I was a member of ICF Washington State from 2008-2017, and I currently serve as President 2021 on the Board of Directors for ICF Michigan. I was a presenter at the ICF Converge Conference in Washington, D.C. in 2017, and have presented on core competency and ethics topics to ICF chapters across the United States and the occasional chapter across the pond.

I strive to bring a combination of confidence and humility to my work. The most dynamic and productive partnerships involve mutual learning and growth; a Mentor Coaching partnership is no exception.

You can learn more about me here.

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