Thursday, July 27, 2017

Private Event: Civil Conversations Gathering

This is a small gathering of community members who are interested in being in meaningful conversation with one another about the challenges and possibilities we’re experiencing in our society. We’re using podcasts from the Civil Conversations Project from Krista Tippett (On Being) as the catalysts for discussion. Each event will be led by Beth Buelow, a certified coach and experienced facilitator.

At this inaugural event, we’ll meet one another, learn about what makes a “civil conversation,” then listen to and discuss the podcast episode “Tech’s Moral Reckoning,” Krista’s interview with Anil Dash.

(If you wish, you can listen or read the transcript in advance here:

My intention is that this brings together people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and ideologies to talk about what’s most important to them in a safe, respectful environment. This won’t be a place to debate, vent, or try to convince others of our rightness. Rather, it’s a place to begin the process of understanding ourselves and each other more deeply, and by extension, giving us tools to contribute to a more civil society.

What to bring: openness, curiosity, critical thinking
What to leave behind: judgment, cynicism, assumptions

I’ll send logistical details via FB Message once you RSVP.

I hope you can join in the conversation!